The Different Types of Surveillance Cameras

Published: 01st December 2008
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The popularity of video surveillance cameras today are on the rise. Especially in the United States and United Kingdom wherein both were victims of terrorist attacks in September 11, 2001 and July 7 in respectively, surveillance cameras are used more than ever for security in public places. However, there are some people who are opposed to the use of surveillance cameras saying that they can violate the people's rights to privacy. This, however is countered by those promoting the use of video surveillance against crime that when it comes to public safety and person's privacy, public safety usually wins.

Today, due to different technological advancements, video surveillance cameras are better than ever and can now be used with computers for more complex situations. These surveillance cameras are now more efficient tools for their purposes which are:

• Crime Prevention purposes- video surveillance cameras are invaluable to crime prevention as was the case in the July 7 London Underground bombings where a video surveillance camera was able to capture the suspects image.

• Traffic Safety- Using video surveillance cameras around road networks will give operators and emergency units to be able to detect traffic congestions and accidents.

• Industrial Safety- There are industrial processes which need to be observed however causes conditions that are uncomfortable or even deadly to humans. Using surveillance cameras would allow workers to observe the process from a safe distance

• Home Safety- Today, surveillance cameras are also available to any consumer who would want to protect themselves and their families or possessions.

With the different purposes of surveillance cameras, there is also a need for different types of these cameras in order to accomplish certain purposes.

Wireless video surveillance cameras are some of the most common surveillance tools there is both for home and small offices. They are fairly easy to install, does not require complex wiring and the cameras can be replaced in any position or location since it is not wired.

The opposite of the former are the wired video surveillance cameras. These surveillance cameras are used for permanent installations and broadcasts through a wire. This is the ideal camera for a single location which the user does not intend to change. However, installing this type of video camera may need help from a professional.

Next are the fake video surveillance cameras. This surveillance camera is as it says, it is a fake camera. It is not a decoration however, but is intended to trick people into thinking that they are being watched. It is an inexpensive option; the downside however is that if anything happens the user does not have any record of it.

Then there are the hidden or covert video surveillance cameras which can be hidden inside plant pots, toys or everyday household objects or decorations. It is useful for those who do not want anyone to know that they are being watched.

Last on the list are the night vision video surveillance cameras. These are specialized cameras for dark or dim lighted locations.

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